Imagine you’re in a same-sex relationship and looking to get married. You face challenges that heterosexual couples aren’t even aware of. A heterosexual couple can go to any jeweler and expect to be treated like a customer. This is not the case for LGBTQ people. In addition to the headache of finding the right jeweler, they also have to deal with finding a jeweler who is accepting of their lifestyle.

To make this process easier for the LGBTQ community, Google has added a Google Business attribute allowing any business to publicly list themselves as LGBTQ-Friendly, not LGBTQ-friendly, or no response. This is a great feature because it allows LGBTQ couples to sort by businesses that will accommodate them — a plight that most of us will never know.

By default, your business listing will be listed as no response, which will simply show nothing about the topic on your page. But if you’d like to take the initiative to publicly show your support for the LGBTQ community, here’s what you do.

How to add these attributes to your Google Business Listing

Step 1
Go to your Google Business page and manage your listing:

Step 2
Click on the Info tab in the left-hand navigation.

Step 3
Click the edit pencil next to the attributes section.

Step 4
Begin typing LGBTQ into the field and look for the LGBTQ Friendly badge to pop up. To activate it for your business, simply click on it. The box should highlight blue and have a check mark for approval. Click Apply to apply your changes.

If your business is not LGBTQ friendly, there’s a setting for you as well! Simply give the LGBTQ Friendly badge another click and you’ll be able to mark yourself as a non LGBTQ friendly business. This will save both parties from wasting their time!

Step 5 (Optional)
Search for additional attributes that reflect the values of your business. Here are a few suggestions to consider: black-owned, women-led, wheelchair accessible, curbside pickup, languages spoken.

There’s likely a lot of Google Attributes that your business is relevant for. Here’s a list of attributes you can review while making changes to your Google listing!

Create content pages or blog posts about these issues

In addition to simply adding these attributes to your Google Business Listing, you can be proactive about voicing your support for your community. Write a blog post or content page voicing your approval and support for your community, showcasing your products and services with the LGBTQ community.

Go on Google and search for LGBTQ-friendly jewelers near me. What you’ll find is a number of jeweler websites that have written copy about their open acceptance of the LGBTQ community and willingness to help a same-sex couple shop for engagement jewelry. In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content is king. If you want people to know what you’re about, you need to write content pages about it!

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